Nepal Entry Protocol June 7, 2023

Standard procedures for visitors traveling to Nepal by air or land are regularly updated to ensure accurate information. To access the most recent and official requirements, please visit the website This website will provide you with the latest information regarding entry procedures and any other relevant updates. It is essential to check this source frequently to stay informed about the current regulations before your trip to Nepal.


Not required:

  1. Official Proof of COVID Vaccination with OR code OR 
  2. PCR negative report

In Country

Responsible Best Practices:

  • Use masks in Public
  • Keep distance where possible
  • Wash Hands regularly and keep sanitizing
  • Respect the local guidelines.

In Case You Experience Symptoms

Ensure you undergo testing, isolate yourself, or seek medical assistance.

Important: Verify if your travel insurance includes COVID-19-related rescue and treatment coverage. You will be responsible for all expenses related to rescue and treatment.


Each LOCAL DESTINATION may have its own entry protocols. Before traveling to these destinations, consult your agent or research the latest information. While these protocols are not overly restrictive, it is advisable to stay informed and up-to-date.


* Check The Destination’s Covid Testing Requirements

Contact your airline or thoroughly review the guidelines provided by the country you intend to travel to. Adhere to their requirements and follow their policies accordingly.

Compiled by: NEPAL TOURISM BOARD and Nepal Tourism Think Tank.

Please be aware that the information provided is subject to change, and it is intended as general guidance only. I highly recommend checking the most recent travel advisories and entry requirements from the government of Nepal or the nearest Nepalese embassy before making any travel plans.

Plan your Lifetime Experience in Nepal!

As our guest, you have a role to play. Please respect local guidelines, travel considerately and responsibly, stay flexible to changing scenarios, and help tourism revive.

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