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Namaste, warm regards!
We are Nepal Travel Vibes (NTVs), a blogging site that discusses the wonders of Nepal.

We try our best to assist you throughout the narrow roads of the city or the frosting cold in the Himalayas. Sharing has always been a great way to take care of our visitors.

So, we would love to share our experiences and journey with you. Are you ready to flow with the vibes of Nepal?

To guide you throughout the journey in Nepal will be our pleasure.

As we all know that Nepal has been one of the top tourist destinations around the globe. People from around the world would love to experience Nepal in their specific way whether it’s for sightseeing, a recreational activity, or for historical importance.

Nepal has a wide range of activities to provide for tourists seeking variants of adventure ahead.

Come let’s dance together in the city lights of the capital, Thamel. Walk with the rush of the people. Taste the mouthwatering cuisines that remain in your mind and tongue forever.

Sightsee the natural breathtaking views of Nepal. Get lost and visualize the wonders of the historic building.

Experience hills, and curves along with the straight path during the journey.

Also, I experienced recreational activities such as bungee jumping, rope climbing, paragliding, and many more.

Spend your nights under the stars and blue sky. Trek and hike the newly discovered traits of Nepal.

You can also share your experiences and travel with us. We are always here to hear from you. Let’s experience it together.

This blogging site (NTVs) is for information about Nepal so that it could help anyone to get through the roads and city of the country. And yet to explore the unknown.

Thank you!

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