Covid-19 Update Nepal Travel Restrictions

The second phase COVID-19 has been rapidly growing due to which there are some travel restrictions. There are still limitations for people to travel internationally or even within the country.

However, the Government of Nepal has taken quick action by imposing a lockdown as the death toll rises. Now, the majority of deaths have been reduced and public transportation along with other services are in the phase of smooth operation.

Is there a travel restriction in Nepal for international travelers?

Currently, there is no international flight that is operating; so you might not get a chance to travel to Nepal.

But, there are chances that the Government of Nepal resumes international travel soon. For your information, only a limited number of aircraft are in operation but not for the traveler.

Are there travel restrictions for people willing to travel inside Nepal?

No, the travel restriction in Nepal for people willing to travel inside Nepal has been removed recently.

Now, you can travel using public buses, your private vehicle. Furthermore, you will have to follow the travel conditions in order to travel.

Can Nepalese travel internationally?

No, Nepalese can not travel internationally the international flights have not been resumed so far.

But some of the limited flights in Nepal are in operation. These flights include medical equipment and other necessities.

Domestic Flights in Nepal Resumed

As the second phase lockdown loses down it has removed restrictions on domestic flights also. Now, the domestic flights are operating smoothly as it was before.

COVID-19 Regulations

You can travel to any destination in Nepal that has airplane facilities. But, you should have safety precautions you should wear a mask, sanitize yourself, wear face shields, and etc. You should also maintain a distance of 6 feet to any individual.

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