Thamel: Best Nightlife in Nepal

Thamel is best known for its nightlife and market. You can experience one of your life’s best nights in Thamel. 

But, you will have to know what you want to do as there are a lot of options to experience. 

Get most of the Nightlife in Thamel

Bars, Club, Pub (Dancing)

Thamel is a famous hub for bars, pubs, and clubs; you can get bars, pubs, and hotels in every of your footstep. 

The bars, clubs or pub charges you entrance fee. After you enter any of these places, you will have to pay for your drinks. But, this does not cost you more. The pubs and clubs are affordable; some of the popular places can costs you expensive for entrance only.

Thamel Nightlife: clubs
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Get on the dance floor and show your moves. You will experience the best nightlife in Thamel.

Live Music/Lok Dohori

If you want to experience some of the local and popular music you can hop into some restaurants where you can listen to live music and enjoy the delicacies.

Live music in Kathmandu

This is a perfect time to spend when you are with family or your loved ones. You can have a great time and create unforgettable memories. You can have a reservation beforehand or you can just get a table when you arrive. Making a reservation beforehand is a better option.

Local Food/Cuisines

You can explore variant tongue-twisting flavors of Nepal. Thamel provides you with any food in accordance with your cravings.

street food Nepal

It is always exciting to tease your tastebuds and have a unique aroma. Satisfy your cravings and love for food in Thamel. If you want to experience street food you will have to take a walk in the evening around Thamel. Street foods are cheaper and tastier, but you can never count on hygiene. 

Indoor Games/Casino

Indoor games are awesome and you can experience some of the indoor games while you are in Thamel. 

person playing poker
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You can experience games such as climbing, balling, casinos, archery, and etc. The indoor gaming in Thamel is affordable and has unlimited fun.


You can even watch movies in any of the cinema halls in Thamel. You can book your tickets for the night show and experience the QFX of Nepal.

Walk around Street

city road man people
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After having your dinner you can still take a walk to your hotel or you can just hover around to get fresh air.

You can listen to live music and the set of lights from the restaurants will make you feel you are celebrating.

When you are in Thamel experience your best nightlife ever. Live your night to the fullest.


FAQs about Nightlife

Is Thamel safe at night? 

Yes, Thamel is safe at night. Thamel has the best nightlife in Kathmandu providing food, great ambiance, and music along with dance.

How is the nightlife in Thamel? 

Nightlife in Thamel is worth exploring as you can have a great club, pub experience ever. In addition, Thamel has more to provide for foodies providing the live music.

Is there a red light area in Kathmandu?

No, Thamel is not a red light area. In fact, there are no red light areas defined by the government in Nepal.

Can I get a taxi/cab at night in Thamel?

Yes, you can get a taxi or cab at any time in Thamel. You can see the tax stand or use the ride app to get a taxi.

Are Clubs, Bar, and Pubs expensive in Thamel?

No, the clubs, bars, or pubs are affordable in Thamel. There are some of the popular bars and clubs that might cost you a little expensive.

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