COVID-19 Regulations

Around 45% of people worldwide have put their travel arrangements on hold since the pandemic began, and an almost equal number of people have simply canceled their plans altogether until it is safer, making pent-up travel demands now stronger than anything ever experienced by airlines and governments around the globe.

Despite the struggle, vaccinations continue to be a driver for flexibility, allowing people to enjoy leisurely activities that were otherwise missing from last year, while over a third of people worldwide expect to travel in the next three months.

Nevertheless, guidelines are always changing nowadays, so travelers should make doubly sure that they search for their destination’s COVID-19 travel policy prior to booking. It’s also important to keep a close monitor on the situation as your day of departure gets closer, that way, you have less of a risk to find yourself in a tight spot after landing.

Overall, travel right now seems to be on a very tightrope, so keeping an open mind could help you stave off some of the stress associated with your upcoming trip. Having a solid backup strategy can help you overcome most obstacles you could run into during this crazy season.

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