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Nepal is famous for its highest mountains all over the world. Among the 14 top highest peaks over eight thousand meters, Nepal has 8 peaks. Everyone knows that Mt. Everest is the highest mountain placing at the first position with a height of 8849 meters. Mt. K2 is in the second position with a height of 8,611 m.

The List of Mountain over 8000m in Nepal.

MountainLocationHeight(m/ft)First Person to Summit (& Nationality)Date
1. EverestNepal/Tibet8,850/29,035Edmund Hillary (New Zealander, UK), Tenzing Norgay (Nepalese)May 29, 1953
2. KangchenjungaNepal/India8,586/28,169G. Band, J. Brown, N. Hardie, S. Streather (UK)May 25, 1955
3. LhotseNepal/Tibet8,516/27,940F. Luchsinger, E. Reiss (Swiss)May 18, 1956
4. MakaluNepal/Tibet8,463/27,766J. Couzy, L. Terray, J. Franco, G. Magnone-Gialtsen, J. Bouier, S. Coupé, P. Leroux, A. Vialatte (French)May 15, 1955
5. Cho OyuNepal/Tibet8,201/26,906H. Tichy, S. Jöchler (Austrian), Pasang Dawa Lama (Nepalese)Oct. 19, 1954
6. DhaulagiriNepal8,167/26,795A. Schelbert, E. Forrer, K. Diemberger, P. Diener (Swiss), Nyima Dorji, Nawang Dorji (Nepalese)May 13, 1960
7. ManasluNepal8,163/26,781T. Imamishi, K. Kato, M. Higeta, (Japanese) G. Norbu (Nepalese)May 9, 1956
8. Annapurna INepal8,091/26,545M. Herzog, L. Lachenal (French)June 3, 1950

Remaining Peaks over 8000m Worldwide

MountainLocationHeight(m/ft)First Person to Summit (& Nationality)Date
1. K2 (Godwin Austen)Pakistan/China8,611/28,250A. Compagnoni, L. Lacedelli (Italian)July 31, 1954
2. Nanga ParbatPakistan8,125/26,660Hermann Buhl (Austrian)July 3, 1953
3. Gasherbrum IPakistan/China8,068/26,470P. K. Schoeing, A. J. KauffmanJuly 4, 1958
4. Broad PeakPakistan/China8,047/26,400M. Schmuck, F. Wintersteller, K. Diemberger, H. Buhl (Austrian)June 9, 1957
5. Gasherbrum IIPakistan/China8,035/26,360F. Moravec, S. Larch, H. Willenpart (Austrian)July 7, 1956
6. Shisha PangmaTibet8,013/26,289Hsu Ching and a team of 9 (Chinese)May 2, 1964

Among these peaks over 8000m, Annapurna I (8,091m) was the first peak to submit in 1950. Later, Nims Purja breaks the world record to submit the 14 highest peaks within 7 months.

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