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For newcomers, getting around Nepal can be quite difficult. This is because of the chaotic cities and well, simply cause it’s your first time. However, with some insight, you will find it very easy to book a ride in Nepal. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the effective ways you can get around and learn how to book rides in Nepal. These tips are straightforward and will make your traveling experience that much easier, so save this if need be.

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So how to book a ride in Nepal? 

One must first download a ride-sharing app of their choice and register to start using the services. Users are then required to provide a pick-up location and destination within the app. Then the app calculates the fare and once you review and request a ride, the drivers on the other end will receive and accept them. It’s that simple. 

What are my options to book a ride in Nepal? 

Well, there are several ways you can book rides in Nepal. However, the most famous is via ride-sharing apps such as Pathao and inDriver, due to their availability and economy fares. 

Taxis are always an option. However, since ride-sharing apps in Nepal came on the rise, you will find that an increasing number of people are leaning towards the apps for their travel needs.

What are the top ride-sharing apps in Nepal? 

In no particular order, we have created a list of the most well-known ride-sharing apps. Please note that ride-sharing wasn’t a thing in Nepal just a few years ago. Most Nepalese ride-sharing apps are still at the start-up stage however they get the job done. 


Taking the Nepalese ride-sharing world by storm, Pathao has dominated the niche since it first started in 2018. Established in Bangladesh, the app has proven to be one of the most reliable and fast ride-sharing apps in Nepal. 

Although Pathao started by offering ride-sharing services for two-wheelers, it has now widened its offerings to car-sharing, food delivery, parcels, and e-commerce delivery. As one of the trusted ride-sharing platforms in Nepal, Pathao provides added safety features to its users. Each ride is tracked in live time via GPS to ensure there aren’t any misbehaviors. Plus, users can also send their location to friends/family as an added layer of safety.

Download Pathao:


Starting in Russia in 2013, inDriver has been taking its fair share in ride-sharing. inDriver is an international ride service that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent times in Nepal. That is because of its unique bargaining feature.

Unlike most ride-sharing apps, there isn’t a fixed fare to get to your destination. inDriver allows users to offer their fares to the riders. The negotiations depend upon a couple of factors such as the rider’s location and time to reach the user. The app also offers parcel delivery and a bunch of other delivery services. Once the ride is complete, users can pay with cash or online payment services. 

Download inDriver


Starting in 2017, Tootle is one of the pioneers of ride-sharing experience in Nepal. Although new, the app has won people’s trust with its generous features. The app caters to its riders as well and pays them well without unfair commissions. Tootle has demonstrated promising potential with continuous offers and engaging features that users can enjoy. Definitely, one of the top ride-sharing apps in Nepal at the moment. 

Download Tootle: For now tootle service is down, hope it will grow up again.


Sajilo, one of the newest Nepali start-ups in the ride-sharing industry, only started offering its services this year on Baisakh 1, the first day of the Nepali new year. This app revolutionized the market with its novel concept, allowing us to quickly rent any vehicle we desire, for any purpose, on the open market. We can quickly access any make and model of the vehicle thanks to the app’s alleged listing of more than 1000 vehicles. This versatile app can be used for renting property, picking up loads, and more in addition to traveling.

Sajilo, one of the newest start-ups in the ride-sharing industry, has become one of the highest-demanded services book rides in Nepal. This app rose in the market with its novel concept of allowing users to quickly rent any vehicle, for almost any purpose. One can gain access to thousands of vehicles of any make and model. Aside from ride-sharing, Sajilo allows its users to rent vehicles, parcel pickup, and more. 

Download Sajilo

Things to beware of while booking rides in Nepal 

Although ride-sharing is completely safe, it’s important you as a consumer understand some nitty-gritty precautions before you book a ride in Nepal. Below are some of them: 

  • Check the vehicle details. Do not get in the ride if the vehicle doesn’t match the model from the app. Offline riders tend to pick up passengers that aren’t booked for them. 
  • Riding over the speed limit is prohibited. However, many riders zoom across places in the hopes of securing more rides. Ask them to slow down or get off the ride and report them. 
  • Do not give away personal information. Riders often mingle to make the passenger comfortable. There’s no problem with it. But if s/he starts getting personal, that’s when you need to draw the limit. 
  • Do not cancel and still take the ride just cause you were given a cheaper fare. Offline passages mean you’re on your own without live tracking and safety features. 

There you have it! Next time you book a ride in Nepal, use this information and save yourself some time and avoid costly fares. If you are busy and can’t book trips for any given reason, CoreTreks will do it for you. 


We try our best to assist you throughout the narrow roads of the city or frosting cold in the Himalayas. Sharing has always been a great way to take care of our visitors.

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