How to get around while traveling in Nepal

You will get various means of transportation to get around Nepal but you have to choose a reliable way to travel to every possible destination. Nepal has different topography and land structures so you need to choose your vehicles according to destination.

Traveling in Nepal is fun if you choose a secure means of Transportation. Here you can get ideas on how you could get around in Nepal while traveling to different topographical structures.

Get around in Nepal on Foot

Getting around Nepal on foot is one of the amazing experiences you will have. Generally, locals prefer to walk their destinations if they are short.

walk around Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square

You can even explore Nepal on foot as well. Some of the adventures related to the foot are hiking and trekking. To carry out your destinations by walking you can ask locals if you could walk your way out. You could get different transport media but why not choose to walk and explore the streets right?

Here is a tip: you can travel on foot for a distance that can be generally covered in 20 minutes or more. But be sure to have a mask, comfortable wear, and shoes, umbrella, and shades to make your journey on foot exciting.

Where should you prefer to walk instead? 

  • Narrow roads of Thamel
  • Sightseeing destinations

Get around Nepal on Bicycle

Another interesting way to get around Nepal is to travel by bicycle. You can rent a bicycle from any of the local bicycle renting shops.

Get around Nepal on Bicycle
Kathmandu Valley Mountain Biking

Besides that, renting a bicycle is one of the cheaper and healthiest ways to get around Nepal. If you are a health-conscious or environmentalist you will prefer a bicycle when possible.

Prioritizing bicyclists, the government of Nepal has made a bicycle lane; so now you can even cycle in the heavy traffic. But, be sure to wear your helmet and carry a bottle of water with you.

Apart from these facts where can you ride your way out?

  • Hiking
  • Sightseeing

Get around Nepal on Bike/ 2-wheeler

A bike or two-wheeler is similar to a bicycle except for the fact that uses fuel or electricity as its operation source. Due to the operation technique, it cost you more than a bicycle to get around Nepal.

Like a bicycle, you can hire or rent a bike from the rental shop. Besides that, you can take rides in requesting in ride app of Nepal as Patho or Tootle. It is basically cheaper than hiring a taxi.

Get around Nepal on Bus

Here is an option for you if you are tired of trying any means of transportation in Nepal. We recommend you take a bus.

Generally, you can find bus stops or micro stops that carry passengers to their relative destination. But, you should check out your destination before taking a public bus, or either you will be elsewhere.

The bus or public transport is cheaper and if you are trying to be minimalist it is the best way to get around Nepal. Furthermore, there is a bus/ micro for every destination you want to go to. If you get confused to take a bus you can always ask for help from locals.

When can you take the public bus/ vehicle?

  • Anytime

Get around Nepal on Private Hire/ Taxi

Unlike any of the transportation in Nepal, you do not have to share your private hire or taxi with anyone. This is why public hire or taxi is way more expensive than any other means of transportation in Nepal.

Generally, it can be categorized as a private taxi or a private hire. So, when you hire a taxi it’s more often like a pickup and dropoff to shorter destinations whereas if you hire a private hire you can take your private hire to any corners in Nepal.

Besides that, you can have a comfortable and luxurious drive if you hire private hire or taxi. In addition, you can get free wifi, and complimentary water too.

Where can you take private hire?

  • Getting around when there is no public transport to your destination
  • Every nook and corner of Nepal

Get around Nepal on Train

You will need to travel to Janakpur if you want to experience what it feels like to travel by train in Nepal. Further, there is only one train in Nepal that is currently in operation.

The route extends from Jabalpur to Jai Nagar in the Janakpur district. Firstly, you will need to purchase a ticket from the train station counter in order to take a ride on a train. Generally, train. train tickets are affordable and cost you in accordance with the distance you are traveling.

Would you like to take a ride on the one and only train operating? Do not forget to take the train whenever you get the chance to be in Janakpur.

Get around Nepal on Rickshaw

You can get around in Nepal using a rickshaw. Generally, rickshaws are famous in terai regions; but you can take a ride of rickshaws in Thamel as well.

grayscale photography of man riding a bicycle
Photo by Prasun Sangroula on

The ride in a rickshaw is affordable. Basically, it is a seat attached to the cycle and has 3 wheels. You can hire a rickshaw to skip the sunny days in Nepal. In addition, there are 2 seats in a rickshaw.

Get around Nepal on Tanga

Like rickshaws, Tanga is also one of the popular means through which you can get around in Nepal. It is most popular in the Terai region of Nepal.

Furthermore, a couple or an ox is used in tanga. Tanga has seats for four people including a driver’s seat at the front. The driver as in other vehicles gives direction to the ox. It is often called a chariot in other countries.

Get around Nepal on Yaks

Yaks and Khachad represent the transportation of the Himalayas of Nepal. When no vehicles can take the upper root in Nepal people there uses yaks, mule, and khachad as a means to transport.

get around by yak
Picture of Upper Dolpa

One of the main reasons people use these animals are they can survive in freezing cold and pass out the slippery and narrow roads.

Get around Nepal on Flights

If you are traveling internationally, you should book a flight to Nepal. However, flying internationally costs you more than anything else. But you can get comfort at the same time.

Also, to get around Nepal you can use domestic flights that are reasonable and saves you a lot of time. If you hate traveling by road; here you can take a flight to major tourist destinations in Nepal.

Get around Nepal on Ropes

You can use ropeways to travel to specific places in Nepal. It is one of the means to get around Nepal.

Ropeway tickets are affordable and you should purchase a ticket to take a ride in a cable car. There are only two ropeways currently being operated in Nepal as Manakamana Mai and Chandragiri.


Here are the different ways to get around Nepal. Which among them would you want to try in Nepal?

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