Before we get into travel insurance here are insights into what is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is simply a type of insurance that covers any loss that occurred while you are traveling. Your insurance can be covered during your travel internally or internationally depending upon the type of insurance you have done.

Travel insurance ensures that you are prevented from any of the financial risks or losses while you are traveling. Besides that, you will be able to get assistance services during your travel journey.

Why is it important to have travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is necessary for serious health issues, accidents, flight cancelation, lost luggage, etc. while you are traveling. This is the best way to overcome these risks. Travel insurances may vary according to the companies policies.

While you travel you are always at risk for something uncertain. So, if you have travel insurance while traveling overseas this helps you cover your conditions. 

These medical issues and accidents in overseas can costs you more than you can imagine. You may have to bear the expensive costs for even a small medical problem while you are in other countries.

You may be curious about how does your insurance gets covered. Read below to claim your travel insurance if you need one.

You can claim your travel insurance invariants of ways such as:

Claim while traveling

If you happen to claim your insurance while you are traveling you should know your insurance number. You might want to keep the emergency contact in case you encounter series of uncertainty.

Claim when you get home

If you want to claim for the insurance once you get back to your home country, you should be able to follow these criteria, these are applicable in almost all the insurance provider companies:

  • Know your time limits to make a claim for
  • Only claim what your insurance covers 
  • Know if your claim is less than the loss
  • Be acknowledge if there is anything that prevents you from claiming (this might be in terms and condition of the insurance company)

Some of the claiming for insurance might be prioritized when you are traveling 

Claim for your specifics

This might turn into a real hazard while you are traveling overseas and you lost some of your belongings.

Firstly, you should report a written complaint to local bodies and later you might want to report to the hotel, tour guide, transport guide or any of the bodies.

You might want to call your emergency contact and report to your insurance company with the written proof.

Claim for medical emergencies

Like your belongings, medical emergencies are the most critical conditions to be reported. Before there is any medical procedure being carried out, you should report to the insurance company and make them agree upon the treatment.

If you fail to do so the insurance company might not bear all the charges for your medical issues. But, you can present receipts and medical reports to claim your insurance once you are back home.

How to choose the travel insurance that you need?

There are many policies of insurance for travelers. Firstly, determine what types of activities you are going to on your travel period. According to your choice, you can buy insurance that suits you. Companies may categories insurance for;

Adventure Activities

  • Culture & Leisure Tours
  • Trekking & Walking Holidays
  • Climbing & Expedition
  • Surfing
  • Skiing
  • Bungee jumping, etc.

There are many other activities companies may have their own policies, you can choose. On the basis of these activities, Medical Insurance is also divided into;

  • Hospital Room and Board
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment, etc.

Moreover, you can also find other policies for;

  • Lost Checked Luggage
  • Travel Delay
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance

Does Nepal provide travel insurance?

Nepal does provide insurance. You can choose the insurance according to the plan. Like any of the other insurance providers, Nepal has varieties of insurance types.

Insurance companies recommended lists

For Travelers from England

For Travelers from EUROPE and SLOVENIA

For Travelers from AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND

For Travelers from SOUTH AFRICA

This is just a recommended list of insurance companies. We don’t encourage you to buy or even sell insurance from any particular company. But, having travel insurance is a great choice while you are traveling.