Responsible Tourism

Responsible is a familiar term that we use every day. But, when it comes to being a responsible tourist all of us are confused about the responsibilities we should be taking.

So, let’s find out what is responsible tourism?

The concept of responsible tourism was developed in the ’80s. Responsible tourism as stated by Capetown in 2002 is “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit”.

This definition simply indicates making a better place for locals residing in that specific place and having a welcoming and pleasing place for the people who visit.

Responsible tourism does not only protecting the environment but should uplift the people and empower them by supporting their local values and economy. In addition to it, tourism directly affects people and communities, ecology, and their cultural beliefs.

If the tourists are not responsible enough the tourism might be affected in a negative manner which might not make you a responsible tourist then.

Moreover, tourism’s primary source is traveling so, while we travel we have to make a positive impact on the local’s economy, promote their culture, embrace their beliefs, and ecology.

Traveling is fun right? Then why do we have to feel responsible while we are traveling?

As stated above you may have a clear sense of preserving responsible tourism. But still, you may be curious why you need to be a responsible one.

When you travel you come across different habitats, social and cultural aspects of the surroundings. You might not know how to become a responsible tourist, it’s not about doing something great but leaving a  positive impact on other people and their environment.

How can we help you become a responsible tourist?

Although you want to be a responsible tourist you might not know how to do it.

Nepal Travel Vibes is here to guide you to become a responsible tourist.

  • When you travel to a certain destination you are helping them with their economy. During your stay, you encounter a series of attractive things you want to spend on.
  • Admiring the artistic tradition helps the locals promote their work and bring excitement in continuing their respective.
  • Being a part of their socio-cultural belief helps the locals preserve their identity.
  • The locals often organize variants of recreational activities to be the center of attraction.
  • Uplifts the living standard of the country.
  • Eating cuisines helps locals produce the food that is originated.

Also, you might want to know the dining etiquette of Nepal. Read our blog to present yourself while you are enjoying the delicacies of Nepal.

Besides the doing, you will need to eliminate some of your plans as 

  • Though Nepal does not have a wide range of animal shows, we do have Elephant Polos, Elephant Rides, Horse Ride, and many more. You might want to remove these from your bucket list. The animals should be in:
    • The animals should be fed.
    • The animals should have a house to live in.
    • Should be in good health.
    • All individuals behaving nicely with animals.
    • The animals should not fear and be depressed.

But, you can sustainably watch the animals, so it does not bother them.

  • In addition to it, you might not want to give the money to the begging children. 

These are some of the ways that you can embrace to carry out responsible tourism all around the globe.

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