Purnima Shrestha

Purnima Shrestha’s name is etched in history. This Nepali mountaineer has achieved the seemingly impossible, becoming the first woman to summit Mount Everest three times in a single season!

Shrestha’s triumphant summits occurred on May 12th, 19th, and most recently, May 25th, 2024. This incredible feat showcases not only her exceptional physical strength and endurance but also her unwavering determination.

Lakpa Sherpa, the Expedition Director at 8K Expeditions, Shrestha’s climbing company, shared his praise. He acknowledged her expertise and her deep passion for mountaineering, qualities that undoubtedly fueled her historic accomplishment.

Shrestha’s achievement isn’t her first rodeo with the heights. The article mentions her previous successful climbs of other 8,000-meter peaks, demonstrating her extensive experience and comfort in the unforgiving conditions of the “death zone.”

This isn’t just a victory for Shrestha; it’s a triumph for all female climbers. It shatters limitations and paves the way for future generations to chase their Everest dreams.

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For more details on her historic achievement, you can read the full article here.

Purnima Shrestha’s record as the first woman to summit Mt. Everest three times in a single season marks a significant milestone in mountaineering history, inspiring adventurers worldwide with her determination and prowess.

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