Kajin Sara Lake

The demand of tourists for trekking in Nepal has also limited the supply of new trek routes in the country. This became apparent when mountaineers in 2019 discovered Kajin Sara Lake in the Manang district of Nepal. While the height of the newly identified lake was being determined, the local administration recorded it as the highest-altitude lake in the world, surpassing Tilicho Lake.

These high-altitude lakes are located in remote areas, typically above an elevation of approximately 10,000 feet from sea level. Their appeal lies in their purity, transparency, and chilliness, maintained due to their remoteness from human contact and technological influence. Serving as both a natural reserve and a seasonal home for one of the world’s rarest waterfowl, Kajin Sara Lake stands out as a remarkable example. Situated on the outskirts of the Lamjung mountain base camp, north of the Manang district, it is a glacial lake. The lake, previously recognized as the world’s highest-altitude lake, is now acknowledged as holding the new world record at an elevation of 5002 meters, 83 meters higher than Tilicho Lake.

Although commonly referred to as “Kajin Sara” in most countries, it also bears a Nepali name, “Singar Lake,” or “Singar Taal” in the local language. “Do Sipaand” refers to the grazing of yaks and sheep in the local language. Singar Lake (Singar Kharka, Chame Rural Municipality, Manang District, Nepal) is situated west of the Himalayan Range in the Chame Rural Municipality of Manang District, Nepal.

Details of Tilicho Lake:
Altitude: 4919 m
Length: 4 km long
Breadth: 1.2 km wide
Depth: 200 m.

Tilicho Lake, Annapurna Region, Nepal.

Details of lately Identified Lake:

Distance from Chame: 15 miles (2 days)
Altitude: 5002 meters
Length: 1.5 km
Breadth: 600 m
Depth: Unknown
The perfect period to see Lake Kajin Sara is from July to the last November.

Geographical Region:

East of the lake: Manaslu
West of the lake: Damodar Peak
South of the lake: Mt Lamjung and Mt Annapurna are the other two which are on of the most famous among tourists.
North of the lake: Mt Peri in Tibet.

The option of choosing Manang is among the best in Nepal for those who admire natural diversity. For example, a point of pride is Tilicho Lake (4919 m), which was previously known as the highest-altitude lake. Since the discovery of Kajin Sara, people have recognized it as the highest-altitude lake. Thousands of trekkers flock to Tilicho Lake each season. Today, their expectation to be hosted by visitors at the end of this news broadcast is shared with the locals, yielding them higher profits. Natural trekking and hiking have already commenced in the area. Additionally, it is also one of the destinations included in the Annapurna Circuit Trek’s schedule.

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