How to Save Money When Traveling to Nepal

Here are some facts and tips on how you can actually save money while traveling to Nepal or any place.

Traveling around the world is one of the most wonderful and beautiful life experiences that you will ever have. Traveling might turn out to be expensive if you do not plan it beforehand. It may be costly traveling around the world but you can reach your ideal destination and place of comfort saving money.

Rent out your place during the vacation

You can rent out our place during your travel vacation. As your place will be vacant you will have someone to look after your place and make money even when you are not staying at your home. This tip is especially applicable when you are traveling for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, renting your place during vacation might cover your travel cost or accommodations. This does not mean you have to rent your home for a longer period of time you can just have an agreement on your terms and conditions even if it is for a short time. In addition, you will need to get reliable information on how to rent your place and look after safety also. Renting out is an easy and popular way to save money while traveling.

Pick a cheaper cellular plan

You can choose any cheap cellular plan and data as you will be traveling to a particular place temporarily. Also, get a registered sim card if you ask your travel agent in Nepal, so you can get connected to your family and friends.  You can get the cellular plans and packages as 3G and 4G.

You can get free wifi in all hotels and cafes in Nepal. It might be a great option to choose rather than having a registered sim. Moreover, if you are connected to the internet you can update family and friends any time at no cost. If you are using a cellular plan you can purchase internet connectivity that is cheaper and reliable.

For Nepal, the best cellular plans are Ncell and Namaste. You can pick one of these.

Walk some more

If you are keen on saving money and a fitness freak you might want to walk your distance away. Generally, talking about Nepal if you are traveling in the city you can cover some of your destinations on your foot.

walk some more

One of the popular places, Thamel welcomes you to walk on foot so that you can win the traffic as well as explore the footpath of Nepal. Besides that, if you have to travel to a short destination you can take a walk instead of taking a cab or any other costly vehicles.

Take lunch with you

One of the attractive ways to save your money while you are traveling is to pack your lunch anywhere you go. Preparing lunch for yourself is also a part of the enjoyment. There are lots of expensive restaurants to dine in, but why not carry your own lunch with you.

Besides that, you can also have an alternative to have your lunch in any cheaper hotel that is good in taste and meet hygiene standards. Also, you can stay on a homestay, where they will serve you food at a cheaper price. Take foods that have a good diet and are healthy. Take a proper diet while you are traveling, as it saves your money and you do not have to spend money on medicines either.

Work remotely

While you are traveling to work remotely is an option. But, why not keep it on your list if you want to earn as well as enjoy your trip. This might turn out to be a good decision as you will see growth in your creativity after a refreshing day.

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You can stay at any place and make a plan to work throughout your day after an exciting day. Sometimes on a rainy day or if you face unexpected weather conditions, you might have to postpone your plan and stay till it’s good to keep going; so you can even utilize that time working remotely.

Make Friends with Travelers and Locals

Making Friends is one of the exciting parts of your life that every individual should embrace. Having a friend to work out your journey is such a great idea so you can even get connected with other travelers and locals of the destination.

Make Friends: to save money when traveling
Make Friends with Travelers and Locals

You can even share your travel expenses with your fellow traveler or ask for help from locals if you get in any trouble. Moreover, travelers can find you some homestay or you could stay with the locals in their town as visitors.

Flex your schedule

Travelers must flex their schedules and plans on a journey. The more you work on schedule for traveling you can save time and maximize on saving money as well. Manage your time and activity schedule as you could take proper sleep and wake up early you could reach the destination on time.

You should be always flexible with your time schedule. Furthermore, you can have an alternative to your scheduled plan as you can go shopping, take photos, enjoy the surroundings and nature. Flexing your travel schedule to minimum days and fast travel will help save your time and money.

Rent your trekking equipment

While you travel you always do not have to buy equipment for trekking or traveling; you can rent it from one of the local stores. Along with it, you ask help from your travel agency to rent it for you.

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Traveling and trekking equipment are easily available and easy to get if you approach the locals. Trekking equipment can be expensive and not purchasable while on a Trekk or any travel. Renting any comfortable trekking equipment will help you save your money. This is also one of the best ways to save money when traveling.

Carry essentials from your homeland

If any of the travelers have been suffering from any illness, you can take your medicines along with you. You might not know the price of medical services in Nepal in comparison to your country.

trekking gears

In addition, you might not get the actual medicine in the country you are traveling so you can pack in beforehand. Accidents and illness are some of the unpredictable happenings that occur on travel; so it will be better to carry essentials from your homeland as well.

Carry your own medicines to prevent illness while you are on travel this will be a great help for other travelers and yourself too.

The above mentioned are some of the tips on how to save your money while you are traveling to Nepal. These tips can be applied in any corner of the world.

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