Transportation in Nepal

Transportation in Nepal might give you a variety of options while you are traveling. As we all know transportation is one of the major sources for the country’s infrastructural development.

Transportation and its development have tried to make the world smaller and bring the people closer. Especially, in a landlocked country like Nepal, transportation facilities and road networks are very important for proper development. Roaming and visiting around Nepal can be challenging. 

Although Nepal is a country of mixed land it is not easily available for rail transportation or delightful air services. Nepal being a landlocked country has pushed us back even to use water transportation. However, considering the nature of the landscape, Nepal has an excellent network of transportation according to the possible pathways. Keeping these things in mind the major means of transportation in Nepal are below:

Road Transportation

Most of the people in Nepal depend on road transport. So, there is a great importance of road transport in Nepal. Despite the mountainous topography and landlocked position of Nepal, people basically use road transportation. Road transport is one of the reliable and effective means of transportations that has been widely used over Nepal. 

Road transportation has been linked to different parts of the country which is proven to be the fastest and safest mode to travel. Bus, car, taxis, rickshaw, tempos are popularly using in Nepal. Some widely preferred road transportation in Nepal are below.

Local bus/ micro

Local buses are recognizing as public transportation all around the globe. The local buses in Nepal are the major mode of road transportation. Buses are almost found everywhere and anybody can use them. Local buses are sometimes use as micro.

Furthermore, the local buses can be comfortable and cheap at the same time. Besides that, the idea of a local bus is to provide services to a large number of people at a time. Also, the local bus in Nepal provides the certain amount of bus fare reduction for students and elderly people. The discount is provided once if you provide your identity.

If you want to have a ride in one of the local buses in Nepal, you can enquire any of the locals here. In addition, you can also book a bus as per your need. The tourist bus has facilities like AC, free Wi-Fi, Washroom, Water, and many more.


These days taxis have been playing significant roles in people’s lives who want to reach out to their respective destinations on time. As the local buses can make you wait for a long time in search of passengers you can grab taxis. Taxis of Nepal uses meters to track your taxi fare. This might be a little expensive than that of local buses.

Taxis have been operating in big towns like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and in every possible corner in Nepal. Taxi can be used for traveling short distances or even covering long tours. People love to travel in taxis because this holds only 2-3 members which can be safer than local buses.


Rickshaw is one of the major means of road transportation in Nepal. The rickshaw are mostly seen in the streets of Thamel. A rickshaw in Nepal is pedaled by the rickshaw driver, this fascinating transport can cost you more even for a short distance.

Rickshaw In Nepal
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Traveling in a rickshaw provides an atmospheric way to explore the crowded and narrow streets of Nepal. Visitors and People in Nepal use rickshaws to prevent the bright sun in the daytime and enjoy the view. Most visitors love this kind of vehicle as they can explore every nook and corner of the place.

Do not forget to take a ride on a rickshaw if you are planning to travel to Thamel. You can find one on the plain lands of Terai as well.

2 Wheel-Drives 

A bicycle or a motorbike is the vehicle that comes to the mind of every individual. For only a person bicycle will be appropriate to travel but if there are two and the need to travel fast riding a motorbike is a better option. You can use a scooter to get along in cities in Nepal.

You can also hire a bicycle and motorbike in a bike shop. If you use a motorbike or scooter you will have to pay for things such as the fuel it consumes.

a. Bicycle

Travelers who like sporty and find it interesting to ride a bicycle can ride a bicycle to travel in Nepal as well. You could ride a bicycle when you don’t have any other heavy load to carry. Bicycles are easy to operate and hire too. 

You can take the bicycle for hiking, trekking, and traveling too. A bicycle does not consume any fuel and you can save your money as well as have bicycling experience traveling in Nepal. Hiring a bike is an easy job and you will have to pay the least and still have unlimited fun.

b. Motorbike

Motorbikes are some of the coolest stuff you could choose for traveling in Nepal. Having a bike for the journey is the main thrill of discovering Nepal. You could just hire any motorbike and gas station and repair and maintenance service will be on your way. Somehow 2 wheel drive may not be safe sometimes as it depends upon the driving habits of the country.

Rail Transport (Trains)

Though, Nepal has recently started rail facilities in Janakpur; People and Visitors are loving it. Rail has not been a part of the transport for many years back in Nepal, now it operating from route Jabalpur to Jai Nagar.

Image Source: Wiki

The history of rail transportation in Nepal might fascinate you as altogether there are only three railways out of which two of them are not in operation. The first railway route in Nepal was constructed between Aamelekgunj to Raxaul which is currently out of operation. Another railway route constructed during the phase of construction of the Koshi project. The railway was constructed to transport stone and sand for the project’s smooth operation. But, the route closed its business operation soon after the completion of the Koshi project.

Rope Transport (Cable car)

Rope transport is also another means of transportation that attract thousands of visitors every year in Nepal. The Kursing ghat to Manakamana ropeway service is the first-ever service started in Nepal which covers a distance of 31 km. This ropeway is still in use. Locals and visitors put this route on the bucket list as one can experience ropeway transport and pay a visit to Manakamana Mai, a temple nearby.

Similarly, the Chandragiri rope transport is the second means of rope transport in Nepal. This place has been recently open and is also a bucket-list for the locals as well as the tourist. Furthermore, there is a Chandragiri temple and tower which is worth visiting.

Air Transport

Air transport is the fastest, easiest, and reliable means of transportation. Nepal has been providing excellent domestic flights with the runways in the jungle and high in the mountains, hanging on to the side of the Himalayan. Fascinating right?

Some of the other airways transportation are Helicopters, hot air balloons mean to visit Nepal. Air transportation has been giving services to people and visitors nationally and internationally. 

National services

Air transportation provides safer and reliable services. During its first operating years, the national travel flights were expensive and most people could not afford them. But, now the domestic flights in Nepal are cheaper with the same level of reliability.

The places with tourist attractions in Nepal like Lukla, Jomsom, Dolpa, Pokhara had air transport facilities. In addition, Airlines also help in giving several services in mountain and charters which include both helicopter and airplane. 

Some of the popular airlines that have been serving our country are – Buddha Air, Yeti Airways, Simrik Air, Tara airlines, etc.

International services

Nepal has been providing and increasing services all over Nepal. Nepal has only one international airline service, Tribhuvan International airport.

Today Nepal has been operating international flights to  Quala Lampur, Delhi, Bangkok, Doha, Hong Kong, and Dubai. Similarly, some of the major and well-known international airlines and flights in Nepal are Air Arabia, Air Asia, Air China, Bahrain Air, China Southern Airlines, Qatar Airways, Biman Bangladesh, Druk Air, and so on.

These are some common means of transportation in Nepal. One may find variants of transportation medium as they travel to different cities in Nepal.

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