Thamel A Famous Tourist Hub

Thamel is one of the busiest streets in Kathmandu. Every individual tourist drives to Thamel: a famous tourist hub as soon as they land in Nepal.

Why is Thamel so famous?

About four decades ago Thamel was a normal city with locals hovering around. But, back in those days, the world was influenced by hippies many of the artists choose Thamel as their prior destination during their Nepal visit.

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So, Thamel started welcoming tourists from across the globe. As it became the hotspot for every individual paying visit; Thamel started commercializing. This includes souvenir shops, travel agencies, foreign money exchange booths, pubs, cafes, hotels, and trekking tools rental shops. 

Some of the things to do in the Thamel hub are:

  • Explore Thamel on foot: Try to cover and explore Thamel on foot as some places are vehicle restricted.
  • Taste traditional flavors: Twist your tongue with the exquisite flavors of Nepal.
  • Visit Garden of dreams: Explore the beauty of sophisticated beauty all day long.
  • Thamel Spas: Spas are a great way to get rid of jet lags. Restore peace within you.
  • Experience nightlife: Thamel’s nightlife is attractive with live music and lights. Pubs and bars for extreme fun.
  • Visit Bookstore: Bookstores has the oldest possible books available. Grab your favorite.
  • Buy souvenirs: Thamel is perfect for buying souvenirs or shopping. But, it’s always good to bargain.
  • Indoor activities: Activities such as wall climbing, board games, and archery are better alternatives.
  • Take a rickshaw: A rickshaw ride where there is no reach of a vehicle. 
  • Watch movies: Spend your spare time watching movies with your loved ones.
  •  Cooking or painting classes: Get a class organized for your hobbies. Explore Nepal in different ways.
  • Mountain hub: Take classes and safety measures before you reach the top.

Thamel Facts: Did you know? 

  • Thamel is vehicle-free zones in order to avoid crowd and traffic hustles.
  • It is declared as the pre-base camp for mountaineers.
  • Thamel is the only place in Nepal with a full Wi-Fi zone. It was listed on Wednesday, 28 September 2011. 

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Things to do in Thamel

We can do lots of things therein Thamel. Thamel is well-known for its narrow alleyways lined with shops and street vendors. Hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, travel agencies, grocery stores, jewelry stores, curio shops, and other businesses can be found. Here you can find anything and everything.

Source: Tripadvisor
  • Local Shops and Souvenir Stores
  • Book Shops in Thamel
  • Organize a Trek
  • Watch a Movie at the Multiplex
  • Enjoy hot coffee, wifi and relax in a cafe
  • Spa and Natural Therapy
  • Indoor Activities
  • Explore nightlife
  • Take a Rickshaw ride through the streets of Thamel
  • Heritage Walk in Thamel


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