Matatirtha Aunsi

Matatirtha Aunsi is a unique and important festival celebrated in Nepal on the new moon day of Baisakh month (April/May) every year. It is also known as “Mata Tirtha Ausi” or “Mata Tirtha Puja” and is dedicated to honoring and showing gratitude towards mothers and mother figures.

In Nepal, motherhood is highly valued and respected, and Matatirtha Aunsi is an opportunity for people to express their love and gratitude towards their mothers. On this day, people perform various rituals and traditions, such as taking a holy bath, performing puja, and offering sweets and gifts to their mothers.

Matatirtha Temple
Matatirtha Temple

According to Legend about Matatirtha Aunsi

According to a local legend, a young boy would take his livestock to a nearby pond to feed them. However, every time he sat down to eat, some of his food would accidentally fall into the water. One day, as he glanced at the pond, he saw a vision of his deceased mother, who had come to visit him. She could not join him for his meal but promised to visit him every year on the new moon day of the Nepali month Baisakh. Following this incident, people began visiting the pond in the hopes of connecting with their deceased mothers.

Another legend tells the story of a cowherd who lost his mother and was overcome with grief. Seeking solace, he made offerings at a water storage pond in the woods. To his surprise, he saw his mother’s face reflected in the water and accepted his offerings. This experience became known as Mata Tirtha Aunsi or Nepali Mother’s Day. It is believed that visiting this location and paying respect on this day brings peace to the souls of departed mothers.

There is also a tale of a woman who went to the pond to see her deceased mother but was unable to do so. Frustrated and distraught, she tragically took her own life by jumping into the water. After this incident, it is said that the spirits of the dead stopped visiting the pond, but people continue to come to the pond in hopes of catching a glimpse of their mothers’ reflections.

Celebration of Mother’s Day

Matatirtha Aunsi is celebrated in various ways throughout Nepal. In Kathmandu, thousands of people gather at Matatirtha, a famous pilgrimage site located on the outskirts of the city, to take a dip in the holy Matatirtha pond and perform puja. People also visit their mothers and grandmothers, offer them gifts, and seek blessings. In rural areas, people celebrate by preparing traditional dishes and organizing community feasts.

The Newar community celebrates the festival of Mata Tirtha Aunsi by showing great reverence to their mothers. Married daughters visit their mothers’ homes and offer them a variety of gifts, including sweets, fruits, yogurt, and eggs, in the hopes of seeing their mother’s faces.

During the celebration, the daughters demonstrate their deep love and respect for their mothers by performing various rituals. They apply tika on their mother’s forehead, offer them gifts, and present them with Sagun, a special offering made of boiled egg, smoked fish, and meat.

This festival is a symbol of the strong bond between mothers and their daughters in Newar culture. It is an opportunity for daughters to express their gratitude and show their love for their mothers, who have played a significant role in shaping their lives.

Overall, the celebration of Mata Tirtha Aunsi is a beautiful and heartfelt expression of love and respect for mothers in the Newar community. It serves as a reminder of the importance of maternal love and the role of mothers in shaping our lives.

In conclusion, Matatirtha Aunsi is an important festival celebrating the sacred bond between mothers and their children. By writing about this festival, you can share the beauty and significance of Nepali culture with your audience while improving your website’s visibility and ranking.

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