Dubai Visit Visa for Nepali

The first required document is the Dubai visa for all Nepali citizens who want to visit Dubai. When it comes to applying for a Dubai visa, Nepal citizens have to submit all the significant documents. Some of the documents are photocopies of personal details, passports, and professional details. Apart from that, there’s a plethora of acquiring details present that is essential to get for the Nepal citizens.

So, when it comes to Dubai visas for Nepali citizens, ranging from the essential documents to the available types of visas, everything is present in this guide. Certainly, the fees completely depend on the type of visa you are selecting. If you are also from Nepal and want to apply for a Dubai visa, it’s perfect to connect with the experts of Travel Saga Tourism.

8 Tips for Nepali Citizens to Apply for a Dubai Visit Visa

So you are a Nepali citizen and want to apply for a Dubai visit visa. Well, for the same you should ponder some primary tips that will help you in accomplishing the entire process. Therefore, get ready for the best tips that can help you regarding the Dubai visa for Nepal citizens.

  1. You must possess a passport with the travel validity of 6 months from the departure day. For the same, Nepali citizens need to provide a clear scan of their passport’s biographical page.
  2. You must have proof of accommodation in the UAE. It can be your hotel bookings, a friend’s or family’s place, or any other valid place of residence. So, make sure you book any hotel or a place to stay before applying for the visa.
  3. Try to maintain a minimum balance of 50,000-60,000 INR in your bank during the last six months. It’s not only beneficial during the visa application process but also assists you during your trip to Dubai.
  4. Start your visa application process at least 15-20 days before you are planning to travel to Dubai. Doing so will result in many positive ways and you can easily do everything according to the plan.
  5. Make sure to get your visa application done through Travel Saga Tourism. They will help you with smooth processing and easy application. Experts here are always ready to assist you whether it’s about visa application for Nepalese or selection of the best tourist places in Dubai.
  6. Don’t forget to carry at least 3000 Dh in cash or credit if you are travelling to Dubai with a visit visa. Doing so is significant because it will avoid any type of risk regarding the visa application process and Dubai trip.
  7. Your confirmed return flight tickets are also mandatory to ensure a timely return from the UAE. It will be considered as proof that Nepali citizens are visiting Dubai as tourists.
  8. Make sure you are choosing the right agency like Travel Saga Tourism to apply for the Dubai visa from Nepal. It’s a reputed company offering worldwide visa services and Dubai tour packages.

All these are useful tips that every Nepali citizen should follow to apply for a Dubai visit visa safely. Moreover, Nepali citizens should pay attention to selecting the best visa-applying agency in Dubai or contact Travel Saga Tourism for a hassle-free journey. Experts of Travel Saga also help these citizens in knowing about the best tourist places in Dubai. So, they can easily explore Dubai and make their journey incredible.

Process of Applying for a Dubai Visa from Nepal

Dubai visa for Nepali nationality is an easy process when considered perfectly. So, if you are also a Nepali citizen and want to apply for a Dubai visit visa, it’s crucial to follow the steps presented here.

1.   Visit the Emirates Visa Online Platform First

The first step for every Nepali citizen is to visit the Emirates Visa Online website. It’s a crucial step to begin your visa application process.

2.   Pick your Living and Citizenship Country

In this step, you have to pick the country in which you are living or the citizenship country. It’s crucial to complete the entire process according to the circumstances.

3.   Pick the Right Visa Type and Duration

The third step is to select the right visa type which is corresponding to your travel purpose. Some fine examples are business and tourism. Next to this, you have to select the duration of your stay.

4.   Complete the Emirates Visa Application Form

Here you have to fill out the complete visa application form with proper information. Make sure that you are filling everything accurately to avoid delays in processing time.

5.   Payment of Visa Fee

Here you have to make the complete visa fee payment safely through the online payment gateway. Doing so will be considered as proof of successful transaction to accomplish your visa application.

So, by following all these simple 5 steps, everyone can apply for a Dubai visit visa. In this way, Dubai visa for Nepal passport holders is granted to them securely and within the right time period. After that, Nepalese can visit Dubai and explore the top-notch tourist places in Dubai.


So, if you are a Nepali citizen and want to apply for a Dubai visit visa, then contacting Travel Saga Tourism is an ideal option. Professionals of Travel Saga offer you quality services whether it’s about applying for a Dubai visa from Nepal or creating customised Dubai tour packages. Therefore, get ready for an unforgettable journey by applying for a Dubai visit visa from Nepal.

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